Kamis, 06 Juli 2017

6 Months Pregnancy

Hello.. my pregnancy is going to about 25 weeks now :)

How does it feel?

I feel wonderful, happy but somehow calm in the same time. I can say, the baby is a copy from her dad. She is bringing calmness to my soul and showering me with joyful feeling.

Anyway, She?

In the 20 weeks, the doctor said my baby could be a female altough the gender wasn't clear enough. I got the same answer on the 24 weeks of check up. So for now I can say the baby is female. If it's true, my husband will be very happy, since he is expecting a baby girl. I love baby girl too, and expect the baby is she. Anyway, the main important thing is she or he is healthy. It more than enough for us, in the journey of our marriage that less than one year, we can have our first child.

How's the baby weight?

She is growing very well. Dr. Fachrudin, a senior doctor obgyn said my baby is healthy in her 20 weeks old, then one month later Dr. Laksmi suprisingly said she is big. My baby is about 630 gram in her 24 weeks old. I have to reduce sugar consumption to support her to have normal delivery as I expecting.

How's my job?

Literally my pregnancy totally fine, alhamdulillah. I had few times of fever but it was recovered without any medicine. I think my baby helps me to be stronger. Even in the office, she is calm and feels like understanding my duty and load of work. Sometimes my job needs me to stay over until 10 pm, and I did that. But again, it was ok, alhamdulillah I could pass it.

How's the preparation?

I don't prepare any baby stuff at home yet. I think it is too soon. I'll do that at my 32 weeks of pregnancy. For the hospital, I change my mind to have delivery in Yogyakarta, where my parents live. Jakarta actually fine, but I think, close to family is one of any daughter wants on her baby delivery. So by mid September probably I will stay there and start to get 3 months of duty off.

Now, I am enjoying the moment before she see the world. Just counting the days, the weeks. Hope everything will be fine.

Warm Regards

Kamis, 23 Februari 2017

A Miracle Inside My Body

My age just turning one year older last week
And I've got very sweet gift
Inside my body.. s/he just growing happily there
A miracle

Yes, I am offcially expecting a baby. How kind God is to our little family.

Two months ago we just getting married. We enjoy our everlasting happiness. And now the happiness fly higher because our little baby is coming into our life.

S/he just 6 weeks old now. I hope s/he grows well there. Last week, just three days before my birthday, I was realized I didn't get my period. In these past three months it always coming in the same date, on eleven. So I was wondered why it lates altought only few days. Then like many woman do, I bought test pack and tested it. Yes, two stripes directly show up very clearly.

Ok, I start happilly panic!

Two days after that we went to Obgyn to ensure. By transvaginal USG we saw the beautiful fetal sac. The embryo isn't there yet because it is still young. About two weeks later I will get s/he first heartbeat.

Oh Little Sweetheart

Mommy can't wonder you will come very soon
We are so happy to have you now
Please growing healthy and strongly
Until the day you are ready to see the world

To every woman in the world

I believe a baby is miracle. I don't know how the feel yet to be a mom, but the bonding between me and s/he become stronger day by day. Now I have the chance to feel it and have it. For every woman in the world, that still waiting to have her baby, please don't sad and don't stop to try.  God will give you in the right time.


A Mom to be

Senin, 30 Januari 2017

The begining of new journey

Can I be thankful every time?

I feel any circumstance is going fine even when there is a problem happening in my life. God just raised me up, elevated my tought in a good way. 

Anyway, I am official a wife now. I call it a new journey, living this life with somebody that I loved. So how does it feel?

Knowing the habit

The first chapter of newly wed literally will face many surprise. Happiness? indeed, because you don't have to buy phone credit to ask for dating anymore. Hehe. In exception for those who are running long distance of marriage. For me, 80% is happiness that fulfil your newly wedding. And how about the rest of 20%? it describing the strugle of good comitment between you two. Because in new marriage, each of you, one another, will learn the real personality of your spouse that you can't see through your relationship journey before. It including the habit that may not fit with your individual character.

In my journey, I did that too. For example from a  simple thing, the different way to arrange stuff at home. It seem so simple, isn't it? or the different way to cook. As simple as that. However, the difference like this can impuls a problem if you can not defense your tolerance and unsderstand toward each other. Me and my husband are two kind of perfectionist person with the detail on many things. After a month of learning, our "boat" is become stronger cause we making note and be aware of it.

Daily routine

As a wife, with a husband that start working at 7 am at office, I have to wake up at 4.30 or 4 am. Making him a black coffee without sugar that he really likes, and prepare a breakfast too. He want me to be ready before he wake up. So at 5 am we can pray together and get ready to work. We leave house together. I get shuttle bus for free from apartment to train station and he take motortaxi.

As a working wife, the time to take care of husband will be less. Fortunately, hubby likes to cook so I just need to fulfil the stuff on refrigerator because he leaves office sooner than I. Usually I'll go to local market or supermarket at Saturday or Sunday and buy the stuff for a week. Ah, another surprise from newly wed is you may realized how much cheaper the food that you making compare to the price in the restaurant. Haha. It is so exciting! So far I am not feel tired of cook everyday.  I also glad because hubby is very coperative of helping me to clean the house. Actually he likes to do that too. I don't know how to stop him because he is concern about cleanlines.


Recently we are staying in an apartment in East Jakarta, nearby South Jakarta too. We've been rent a two bed rooms unit. We felt in love since the begining we saw it. It is semi furnished with kitchen set, sofa, refrigerator, two air conditioners, a cupboard, two beds, a table and shelves. From the 28th floor, we get a view of garden and swimming pools at 9th floor. The view is amazing, the swimming pools are nice too. This is entertain us a lot so I label it as a "La La Land". The apartment also has a  gym and sauna room and there is a mall in one area which make us feel easier to get grocery.

In the beginning we want to live here longer than 3 months but I do realize the important of saving so we plan to rent house outside around the midle of the year. We want to save money for raising the family, transportation device and house. That are three priorities. That's why, we cut our budget to hang out like we did before we married. Even, honeymoon become not too important. Haha. That is the joy of marriage I think.

Well.. time is up for "me time" on blog. Hehe. Will share another story again soon.


A Happy Wife

Rabu, 23 November 2016


This post isn't about my wedding literally. It's more about the motivation to take decision especially in career.

Well.. I've been working at Jakarta for two years already. During these past two years, I've learned many things in marketing. Yes, this field being a part of my life now. From market research to marketing communication, handling many clients from vary backgrounds, getting many consumer insights, expanding knowledges on B2B (business to business) marketing, analyzing market research data and involved in creative team.

I'm not saying that everything goes well. When you are working, you will meet any unpredictable circumstances. But how to take control on everything? so we can keep our job going well. These are some tips:

"Don't be too sensitive"

Sensitive is needed to know your working environment, means that you need to know the character of your colleagues especially your supervisor. Is he or she typical extrovert or introvert? Extrovert need friends to talk to and share idea with, however introvert working more peacefully and no need distraction from anybody. This is will be a clue for you to take decision what you need to do. But, don't let the sensitivity going so far, it will harms you. When supervisor angry with you give them chance to cooling down after that talking face to face to solve the problem. When you are under a very bad mood, just going to restroom, or coffeeshop to clear your head before you ready to meet colleagues in office. Don't express your emotion in front of them, just avoid it as far as you can. It will keep your image good in front of them.

"Talk to HR"

If you need someone to talk to, HR can be a choice to go to. They are like a psychologist who know the employee better than any division. Talk to them when you really need an advice. But be careful when you discuss. Don't be too honest about anything that disturbed you, keep your image good too in front of them. In my experience, once, I ever meet a really nice HR. She is a manager. She offer helps to any employee even an intern. I am learn very good attitude from her. One of the lesson is keep confidential thing confidential. Because you don't know who is friend or enemy in the office. That's why better to talk to HR than anybody else in your office.

"Take decision carefully"

Yes, this advice is very common, I know! Haha.. But not anybody can do this, for sure. Many employee left the job very surprising. JUST QUIT without NOTICE. Of course they have the reason to do that. Maybe the environment isn't support them for being cooperative in this situation. But in any decision, you must have a reason. Then, this reason must be very reasonable. You can move to a company with better salary, but remember anything has a risk. May you get better salary, but not better environment or the other way around. So think about all the possibility before you take a step ahead on your decision.

Well, it's going to be boring if I share it too much!


Jumat, 04 November 2016

My wedding preparation

Yey, my wedding just a stone away!

I feel very gratitude, all of the preparation went smoothly.
Now we are just counting the days to see the wedding

As a happy bride to be, I would like to share my wedding preparation story. Hope it will inspires you a bit in terms of handling the most special moment in second part of our life.

Since the blessing of both sides family came since July, we had enough time to arrange the wedding. Me and my fiance start looking the venue that time. Our choice fall to one wedding hall in Keraton, Yogyakarta. We also use wedding organizer from them. It easier for us since we live in different city, Jakarta. We won't bother our family to handle this, at least not too much.

1. How to select the date

This seem easy, but actually not really. Most people will follow the rule from family to select the date and me either. Fortunately, my family isn't streak. But it has to be in a good month of Hijriyah calendar. After that, we fit it with Javanese calendar, just from the point of view  of our born date. The last thing is the blessing of both sides family, to ensure they agree with the selected date. Just tips, don't share the date yet on proposal day. Share this apart is better, to avoid the dissent.

2. How to arrange the budget

This is very important and must be on your top line. Why? because some brides don't consistent, they want make the wedding perfect yet don't consider the budget that will out. In my case, the budget overall is prepared by us, the bride and the groom. We use the optimal budget that we have. If our parents want to help, we don't ask too much. We want to be financially independent. Thats why we have standard to arrange the wedding.  My fiance is very well organized person. He made proper expenditure list that we use as a guide. We also put the budget in different bank account with our payroll. Be very cooperative with this thing, be honest of all the need and discuss first before  you use the budget.

3. How to control the stuff

I am very control on each stuff that I choose on my wedding. It has to be in line with the budget and theme that I use. All of the vendor mostly placed in Jogja, like souvenir and invitation vendors. Salon, dress, catering, photography and entertainment are arranged by wedding organizer of the venue. Is that easy to control all from different city? of course not. You have to be very communicative with all the vendors, especially the wedding organizer. This digital era very helpful to make the things done. I am very intense use Instagram as the reference. It helps me a lot to find proper vendor with fit budget.

Please don't hesitate to make comparison. It happened quite a lot on me. In the last minute before choose some vendors and almost transfer down payment , miracle approached me. For instance, the invitation thing. I use a vendor that recommended by my aunt. It's not too famous , but she ensure I can get cheaper price there. So I try. I sent out the guide to this vendor immediately and they didn't give fast response until two weeks. I was upset and wanna cancel. Just few minute before transfer to the new vendor, I got an email, told me the design is already done. Oh God, it was surprising! But I really thankful. The design is fit with our guide and I got 30% discount as well.

4. How to manage emotion

Haha, this is only reminder. I will say, you will face few or many emotional things before the wedding. It just happened. I faced that shitty stuff as well, last year. If I am give up that time I will not see this special moment with him. It just reminds you how much love and commitment that you have. It also make you feel strong. So, being relax is a must. Control your emotion and pray! On our engagement onward, everything is going fine. One by one the stuff done. I feel blissful. Now we are ready to share our invitation.

I just sharing the general tips on this post. The details I'll share later on. I save so many story for the next post.

Wanna share or ask about your wedding plan with me? just comment below.


Bride to be

Minggu, 18 September 2016

13 September 2016

The day was come..

The day when you and family came to my home, officially propose me to be your wife

Many years ago, I can't imagine, what kind of person that would be my husband

All that I know, he must be mature, wise and loyal

Then here you come..

2 years ago, since you become a part of my life, I am sure my life has been changed

This time, together with you, I learn to be a better person. Left my insanity, my ego, just to want be with you

Still I have lack in my personality. But you accept it even better than mine

Love, apart from the things that you can be proud of me, you might be somehow will disappointed when you figure out my other lack, in the future. Hope you can correct my mistakes and teach me how to be stronger to face this life ahead

We now already engaged, and soon will be husband & wife

Thank you for your trust, kindness and everything since the beginning of this journey

Thank you, for give my family trust to finally choose you

Thank you for bring your parents, brothers and family to my home

It wasn't late even we organized these from a year ago. It just the right time from Allah to make this thing happened

Alhamdulillah, soon I'll become yours under the name of the almighty Allah ta Ala

Minggu, 21 Agustus 2016


(just like the beat of the song.. it give a power)