Kamis, 06 Juli 2017

6 Months Pregnancy

Hello.. my pregnancy is going to about 25 weeks now :)

How does it feel?

I feel wonderful, happy but somehow calm in the same time. I can say, the baby is a copy from her dad. She is bringing calmness to my soul and showering me with joyful feeling.

Anyway, She?

In the 20 weeks, the doctor said my baby could be a female altough the gender wasn't clear enough. I got the same answer on the 24 weeks of check up. So for now I can say the baby is female. If it's true, my husband will be very happy, since he is expecting a baby girl. I love baby girl too, and expect the baby is she. Anyway, the main important thing is she or he is healthy. It more than enough for us, in the journey of our marriage that less than one year, we can have our first child.

How's the baby weight?

She is growing very well. Dr. Fachrudin, a senior doctor obgyn said my baby is healthy in her 20 weeks old, then one month later Dr. Laksmi suprisingly said she is big. My baby is about 630 gram in her 24 weeks old. I have to reduce sugar consumption to support her to have normal delivery as I expecting.

How's my job?

Literally my pregnancy totally fine, alhamdulillah. I had few times of fever but it was recovered without any medicine. I think my baby helps me to be stronger. Even in the office, she is calm and feels like understanding my duty and load of work. Sometimes my job needs me to stay over until 10 pm, and I did that. But again, it was ok, alhamdulillah I could pass it.

How's the preparation?

I don't prepare any baby stuff at home yet. I think it is too soon. I'll do that at my 32 weeks of pregnancy. For the hospital, I change my mind to have delivery in Yogyakarta, where my parents live. Jakarta actually fine, but I think, close to family is one of any daughter wants on her baby delivery. So by mid September probably I will stay there and start to get 3 months of duty off.

Now, I am enjoying the moment before she see the world. Just counting the days, the weeks. Hope everything will be fine.

Warm Regards

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